Como cuidar de suas joias Papy?

Taking care of your jewellery:

 However you must be mindful that time and friction can fade the gold. You must take good care of your jewellery.

Avoid contact with perfume, all cleaning products, sea water (even though we all love to see our jewellery shining in it, it is preferable to take your necklace off before you go swimming).

Cleaning : Try and not use any “jewellery cleaning product” as it is very likely it will fake the gold coat. A soft cloth will is more than enough to make it shine again. 

Formas de Pagamento


Somente para Brasil

Cartão de Crédito:

Principais bandeiras (VISA, MASTERCARD, ELO e AMEX).

Os dados digitados em nosso sistema estão devidamente protegidos sob sistema de segurança onde os dados do seu cartão são inseridos diretamente no sistema da Administradora de Cartões de Crédito ou instituição bancária que faz a liberação. Caso haja algum problema e/ou divergência nas informações o pagamento não será aprovado e enviaremos um e-mail informando sobre o mesmo. Confira sempre se o seu cadastro está atualizado para evitar transtornos com a aprovação do pagamento.

O parcelamento do valor da compra varia de acordo com o produto em questão.

Prazos & Envio

Papy jewellery is handmade to order. Due to being a small brand, we do not work with stock, and prefer to create on demand do not to create possibly unusable pieces.
Each of these pieces can take between 15 and 30 days to be created (sometimes less, depending on the model ordered) (Excluding shipments) ;

For the internacional order, we work with DHL and shipping may vary between 5 and 10 days maximum, depending on the country.

For our nacional order, depending of the client, but we usually send using national courier such as Sedex.

For any others questions, please contact us at info@papyjewellery.com

Peças Customizadas

Custom design for a magical personality that your are.

You may want your very own unique design because you have a personality as big as the sun !Depending on the design that you want,and the conversation we have had together, It's possible to create the model of your dreams.We can discuss any custom ideas together and It is always a pleasure for me to work on a unique piece.

Do not hesitate to send an email at info@papyjewellery.com, trying to give as much information as possible, why not a small illustrative drawing as well? Or words, colors, quotes that you like, which will help me understand and create something that will be closer to the idea in your head. If on another hand you want something unique but have no definite idea of what it could be, we can also have a chat together.

Termos & Condições

Thank you very much for choosing PAPY ❤Important : I do not take in account any custom taxes of your country. It is advised to check the custom policies of your country before buying my product to avoid surprises.


The following T&C apply to all visitors and consumers of the website www.papynorio.com . By entering this website, all users and visitors agree to comply with the following terms and conditions.Papy is based in Brasil and all items are priced in Real (R$).


Papy unfortunately does not take any returns. Each jewellery piece is custom made and Papy does not offer any refund if you change your mind, chose the wrong model or the wrong size. It is therefore very important you chose your jewellery with care and caution. Please check your ring size very carefully.

If you have any question please contact Sarah at the following email address : info@papyjewellery.com